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Applied art:

      Wooden mosaic is also used in applied art. These are small boxes, journal tables, women's accessories, logotypes, not unlimited in color tints technology makes it possible to embody every possible ideas in different stiles: from the ornament to the landscape and portrait representation.

      This mosaic matches mother-of-pearl, goes well with fine-cut straw and carving. The thickness of the inlay collection is fluctuating from 0,2 mm to 3 mm. The author's own technology makes it possible to arrange of wood with their size 0,5x0,5 mm.

      This technique is unique for the utilized method of the wood play. Each element of the inlay is cut under a certain angle, what produces a three-dimensional projection.

      The picture changes its light tones from various points of view, i.e. as if it comes back to life.


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