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Dmitry Zhevlakov is a Professional guitarmaker, inlay specialist for musical instruments, and a member of "The Guild of American Luthiers" since 2003.
His specialty is the production of what many consider to be the finest rosettes and guitar purflings available in the world today.

      For reference: Zhevlakov Dmitry is a guitarmaker from Tula (Russia), making musical instruments for professional musicians, and crafting fine rosettes and decorative materials for luthiers.

      He is also engaged in the delicate inlay work of music instruments, small boxes and so on. This work, made up from the smallest imaginable squares of different exotic woods, delights the eye, as the art becomes a canvas which can easy be appreciated by everyone. Thousands of individual pieces of wood can be combined in styles ranging from classical desings from the beginning of time, to the most Avant Garde.

      You will find out marvelous secrets of this guitarmaker, in modern magazines such as:
  • Luthier's Mercantile International, Inc. catalog (;

  • " Stewart-MacDonald's Guitar Shop Supply" (Catalogue #69/1 January, 1997, page 27);

  • Russian guitar magazine "Guitarist" (#1, 1998, page 2-3);

  • "Guitarist" (#1, 1999, cover, pages 3 & 81);

  • French journal "Maison Francaise" (Summer issue, 1997; page 15).

      The work of Dmitry Zhevlakov is internationally reknown. Famous in his home country of Russia, his work is used by the finest guitarmakers in Europe, United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Thailand and so on...

      A short list of a sampling of Dmitry's clients include:
  • Federico Sheppard (USA) ( He makes unique models. They are replicas of the guitars from Augustine Barrios collection...

  • John Price (, that are sold all around the world, players such as Jorge Morel (Argentina), George Caballero (Brazil), George Benson (New York), Ricardo Cobo (USA) and many more...

  • Jim Redgate ( He is very popular guitarmaker. Anna Vidovic plays his guitars.

  • David Argent ( — luthier from Australia.
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      Dmitry Zhevlakov was born in 1973 in Tula (Russia) into the family of guitarmaker Alexander Zhevlakov. Since childhood he helped his father to make classical guitars and inlay for music instruments. Dmitry's father was often visited by professional guitarists of Tula, famous not only in Tula, but also abroad (S. Rudnev a guitar composer and a masterful guitarist, S. Pavlov and so on). All of them had instruments made by Alexander Zhevlakov (Dmitry's father) and appeared professionally with these instruments. Dmitry grew up in atmosphere of guitar music and this fact allowed him to develop his notion of what a fine instrument should sound like. In his family and in the circle of the father's friends the problems of the performer and the instrument were discussed openly. Alexander Zhevlakov worked on a very interresting project, the "Moscow Experimental Factory of Music Instruments". For his part, he was always helped by his father Vasily Zhevlakov (Dmitry's grandfather), technologist and designer. He was instrumental in developing equipment and special tooling for the manufacture of guitars, guitar rosettes and mosaics, and also enjoyed the hand crafting of musical instruments.

      In 1974 Dmitry's grandfather and father developed the unique technology of round frets made from hardened stainless steel. Afterwards, all the guitars made by Alexander Zhevlakov were made this way for 20 years.

      Dmitry's father and grandfather carefully selected woods and carefully prepared them for use in the future. The spruce Dmitry now uses was carefully stored up in 1974! At that time rosewood, walnut figured maple, and other rare tonewoods were also put away. Now Dmitry makes his instruments for you from these materials with this assurance of their quality.

      After his father's death in 1992, Dmitry obtainined his musical education on the clarinet and percussion in the "Tula Dargomizsky Musical College". He now continues the business which his father and grandfather began. In addition to his training with his Grandfather, Dmitry studied with Nikolaj Andrejev, winner of the 1998 All Russian Guitarmakers Competition. By that time, he had already mastered guitar rosette design, and began to continually advance this exacting art with input from guitar makers from around the world. In addition, he began to collaborate with guitarist and composer Sergai Rudnev, examining every aspect of the guitar in detail to better calibrate the instrument's intonation, projection, and performance.

      In the book "Sergei Rudnev: Russian Folk Songs for Classical Guitar" (Edition Orphee / The Russian Collection, volume 3), published in 1994 in U.S.A. (Copyright © 1994 Editions Orphee, Inc., Columbus, OH, 43215 International Copyright Secured. Made in U.S.A. All Right Reserved) and gifted by the professional musician — guitarist Sergey Rudnev to the Dmitry's family, under the photograph of author S. Rudnev are such lines:

      "To my good friends, to the Zhevlakov's family to my first helpers in all my matters as a keepsake!!! On this guitar for the first time the Russian music in author's performance sounded! From the author... /there's a signature of Sergej Rudnev below/".

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