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     Classical guitar rosettes dimensions:

     The rosettes consist of 3 basic elements. A central design(the tile), and inner and outer rings of decorative elements. These 3 parts are separated with various colors and thicknesses of veneer strips.

     Central design (Tiles): width 2 mm. up to 9 mm maximum.
     Inner/Outer Rings: width 1,5 mm. up to 2,5 mm., the design consists of a series of repeated cubes 0,25 mm. x 0,25 mm. up to 0,5 mm. x 0,5 mm, herringbone, or diagonal veneer rope.

     The total width can be designed from 18 mm. to 22 mm.

     Internal diameter 94 mm, external diameter 126 mm. up to 136 mm.

     *** Rosette thickness: 1.25 mm.All dimensions are approximate and subject to change.Never cut your rosette channel until you have the rosette in hand! The rosette is a hand made work of art, made of natural materials that can shrink and swell as does wood itself.***


     Besides the rosettes and tie block inlay, I produce matching purfling for the top, the back and the sides.
     Purflings can match the rosette inner/outer rings, or be made in any variety of styles. They are pre-bent to the guitar shape. The thickness is 1 - 2 mm., length 750-800 mm., and width 1-3 mm.

     I use universally air mail. Time delivery is 10-15 days.

     I accept payment via Western Union company (money transfer) or Money Gram.

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