Welcome to Dmitry Zhevlakov`s personal web-site. Dmitry Zhevlakov is a professional hereditary artist, craftsman who makes fine wooden mosaic decoration for classical guitars and other musical instruments, namely: mosaic guitar rosettes, guitar top purfling, guitar back purfling, guitar side purfling, guitar back center seam mosaic, headstock mosaic, guitar tie block mosaic, tail block seam mosaic decoration and etc...

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Mosaic and other types of decoration made on the basis of this technique consist of the smallest wood particles. A square centimeter of such one item may contain from 400 to 1.000 or more elements of different shades and structure assembled in a single stylized panel.

A wide range of exclusive, unique ornaments of different styles and directions of art can satisfy the tastes of even the most sophisticated luthiers and performers.

In his work Dmitry uses veneer made of only natural wood species growing in different parts of our planet. These species include Anegri, Sicamore, American walnut, American pear, Mahogany, Bubinga, Indian rosewood, etc. and also natural european maple dyed in various colors by means of through dyeing.

All material is carefully sorted, so only the best part of it is used in work, which in turn enhances the level of assembly and the ultimate quality of the mosaic

Dmitry uses such natural properties of wood as diverse light reflection depending on the direction of the fiber and the saw cut. This property allows Dmitry to place each mosaic pixel in a certain way so at different angles the item seems to come to life and acquires a characteristic volumetric 3D appearance.

This effect is enhanced when lacquer coating is applied to the mosaic surface. This makes a huge impression on professionals and also on those people who know little about this method and this direction of applied art.

Mosaic guitar rosettes and purfling made by Dmitry Zhevlakov can be seen on the instruments of various luthiers and the best guitarists of the world play these guitars.

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Articles and positive reviews about Dmitry Zhevlakov`s work and the innovative things he creates were published in such journals and web-sites as:

  1. "AMERICAN LUTHERIE" The Quarterly Journal Of The Guild Of American Luthiers Number 89/SPRING 2007
  2. American catalogue "Luthier Mercantile International";
  3. Journal "GUITARIST" issue 1\ 2004 featured on its cover a photo of Sergey Rudnev, holding a guitar, decorated with Dmitry`s guitar and mosaic;
  4. Journal "GUITARIST" issue 1\ 1999. At page 81 you can see the photos of the luthier Ignatenko Nikolai Sergeevich holding his guitar with a rosette made by Dmitry Zhevlakov;
  5. Website of spanish company "MADINTER" (Guitar rosettes section).

Dmitry Zhevlakov`s products are well known in Russia and in a number of other countries such as: USA, Australia, Spain, Canada, Singapore, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Greece, Italy, France, Great Britain, Japan, Sweden, Malaysia, Thailand, New Zealand, Germany, Poland, Argentina, Paraguay and so on.

Dmitry's rosettes are used on guitars of luthiers around the world such as Frederico Sheppard, Conde Hermanos, Jim Redgate, David Schramm, Pavel Gavryushov, Roberto Rozado, Koumridis Charalampos, Marcos Evangelista, Valentim Carlos Gomes, John Price, Mateo Crespi and others.

Russian guitar makers also use an exclusive from Dmitry Zhevlakov. They are: Roman Blagodatskikh, Nikolay Andreev, Alexander Koshelev, Igor Budantsev, Taras Titovich, Felix Akopov, Dmitry Pavlovich, Andrey Babichev, Nikolay Ignatenko, Ladimir Kuznetsov, Dmitry Pisarev, Sergey Peskov, Mikhail Lyashenko, Alexander Voronov and many others.

A number of world famous guitarists such as Gorge Morel (Argentina), Ana Vidovic (Croatia), George Caballeros (Brazil), George Benson (USA, New York), Ricardo Cobo (USA) and many others play the instruments created by the above- mentioned luthiers with Dmitry`s mosaic.

Dmitry has been a member of the Guild of American Luthiers since 2003.

His excellent skills and professionalism were highly appreciated at the International Exhibition "MUSIKMESSE" in Frankfurt, Germany, in 2009, as well as at the annual Convention of luthiers from various countries: "GAL CONVENTION", organized by the Guild of American Luthiers in Tacoma, Washington, United States.